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Michael Irvin reacts to Steve Smith ‘whoop’ threat with apology (vids)

Michael Irvin attempted to usher in a truce between himself and fellow NFL Network analyst Steve Smith by issuing an apology. Whether or not it works, however, remains to be seen.

Irvin appeared to inspire a feud with his colleague by clowning Smith’s choice of attire during last week’s Thursday Night Football broadcast of the Miami Dolphins-Baltimore Ravens game. Irvin specifically mocked Smith over his plaid pants. Given Smith’s reaction, it goes without saying he was not impressed with Irvin’s fashion critique.

“When I come to LA, I’m gonna whoop your a–,” Smith threatened, to which Irvin reacted with an awkward laugh.

Any notion that Smith was merely playing along with Irvin was quickly discredited given how he seemed quite serious and offended, even angry.

Irvin on Thursday night tried to make things right ahead of kickoff of the Buffalo Bills-New York Jets game. Irvin, a flashy dresser in his own right, posted a video on Twitter in an attempt to make amends.

“I was joking with you, Steve Smith,” Irvin says in the video. “I love him. I am wearing the suit, a whole suit — see this? — that look just like his pants. Look, I was just having fun with him. I don’t want him to beat me up.

“Steve, you know I love you man. I am sorry. I really am sorry. I was just having locker room, boys fun. So I wore this suit to really show you I’m sorry. And I love you, brother, Steve Smith, Agent 89, 88 and 89, we’re together forever! Love you, brother.”

Well, if that sincere apology doesn’t satisfy Smith, nothing will. With that in mind, until Irvin hears back from Smith, he better keep his head on a swivel.