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LeBron James: Cavs ‘definitely struggling right now which is OK’

LeBron James on Friday morning stated the obvious by admitting the Cleveland Cavaliers are “definitely struggling.” But even after dropping a shocking fourth straight game — and fifth out of six — with Wednesday’s 124-107 loss to the Indiana Pacers, James insists the early-season struggles are “OK.”

The Cavaliers play the Washington Wizards on Friday night at Verizon Center. James has clearly decided to preach positivity instead of bemoaning the myriad factors causing the Cavaliers to stumble out of the gate.

“We’re definitely struggling right now which is OK,” James said Friday, via’s Joe Vardon. “I felt that we would struggle at some point throughout the season. I think it’s surprising to all of us that it’s happening right now but hey, it is what it is and it’s exciting to see how we can turn this thing around.”


James cited his seven consecutive trips to the Finals as evidence that he can get the Cavaliers headed back in the right direction.

“I think that it’s going to be challenging on the guys that’s been here the last few years to continue to try to motivate themselves to want to get back to the Finals,” James said. “That’s always the challenging thing. When you’ve done it three straight years, or some guys two straight years, then complacency can sometimes creep in, or ┬áthe short summers or things of that nature, or you feel like you can turn it on when you want to. Gotta figure out a way to motivate yourself to get back to that top level of game.

“I know where my mind is, I’ve done it seven straight years, so I know how to get back into the flow of things. I know how to mentally prepare myself for a long haul, so, it’s going to be challenging, but, I think we should be up for it.”

By no means is it time for the Cavaliers (3-5) to hit the panic button by any stretch. That said, being the worst defensive team in the NBA with everything seemingly in disarray is certainly cause for some concern.