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James Harden approves of kid’s imitation of his iconic ‘side-eye’ (vid)

A youngster who appears to be dressed up as James Harden for Halloween has perfected how the Houston Rockets superstar once ended a post-game interview with a brilliant side-eye. And even better, Harden took to Twitter to express his approval.

Harden originally inspired one of the NBA’s greatest memes with his reaction during an interview following a game in November 2015. After beating the Los Angeles Clippers by a score of 109-105 — in a game where he went off for 46 points — Harden was asked by the sideline reporter about his rhythm. The inquiry elicited what is now referred to as the “Harden Side-Eye.”

And here’s Mini-Harden — fake beard and all — doing a spot-on imitation of the “Harden Side-Eye.”

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Kid’s got serious side-eye game, that’s for sure. So much so, in fact, that Harden took to Twitter to praise the youngster.

Great stuff.