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Man wants his Steelers tickets for returning JuJu Smith-Schuster’s bike

The man who turned JuJu Smith-Schuster’s stolen bicycle into police is having no luck securing free tickets to a Pittsburgh Steelers game, as were promised.

The man, who goes by DJ, recapped what occurred after he purchased Smith-Schuster’s stolen bike on the street for $200.

“I looked at the bike and I looked at the TV, and I looked at the bike and I looked at the TV, and I said, ‘Oh (expletive), that’s the bike I bought,” DJ told KDKA-TV.

When Smith-Schuster’s bike was stolen, Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown took to Twitter to offer a reward for the return of his teammate’s bike.

DJ had no knowledge of any reward when he turned the bike in to police.

“The police came back to me and said there was a reward, and I said that’s not why I returned it, but when I heard it was tickets to a Steelers’ game, I was like, I wanted them tickets ’cause I’ve never been to a Steelers game in my life,” he said.

So, far, the man who returned the bike has had no such luck in landing those Steelers tickets.

“I called and left two messages,” he said. “You taking me to the game, you taking me to the game, and I said, ‘I don’t have the tickets, Antonio Brown has not called me back.'”

The Steelers are on their bye week and return to action on Nov. 12 in a road game against the Indianapolis Colts. The Steelers’ next home game is on a quick turnaround, playing Thursday, Nov. 16 at Heinz Field against the Tennessee Titans. The hope is things are sorted out and DJ does indeed procure those promised tickets. After all, Smith-Schuster enjoyed a happy ending to his stolen bike saga, so does this guy.