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Dak Prescott hopes Tony Romo is critical during Cowboys-Chiefs broadcast

Tony Romo will be in the booth alongside partner Jim Nantz for Sunday’s game between the Dallas Cowboys and Kansas City Chiefs at AT&T Stadium. It will make for a potentially awkward situation for Romo, as he may feel pressure to go out of his way to be critical of his former team so not to show any favoritism during his first broadcast of a Cowboys game.

And to hear it from Dak Prescott, that should be the case — especially when it comes to his play — regardless of what motivates Romo to do so.

“I kind of expect him to be,” Prescott said of the potential for Romo to be critical of him during the broadcast, via The Dallas Morning News. “I hope he is.”

Prescott of course supplanted Romo atop the Cowboys’ depth chart at quarterback last season, although both quarterbacks diplomatically handled it all with class. In fact, Romo, upon his retirement, praised Prescott as a “good kid” put in a tough situation.

Romo will be at the Cowboys practice facilities this week for production meetings in preparation for Sunday’s broadcast. Prescott hopes the two will cross paths.

“I’m sure he’s busy and obviously I’m busy,” Prescott said. “It will be cool to see him and talk to him.”

Prescott, as have countless others, hailed Romo’s transition into broadcasting, calling his former teammate’s analyst chops as “excellent.” However, Prescott hopes there’s one thing Romo keeps to a minimum during Sunday’s game.

“Hopefully he doesn’t call out and guess too many of our plays,” Prescott said of Romo’s uncanny ability to predict plays before the snap. “He’ll still be very familiar with them. Hopefully he can stay away from that this week.”