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Fans of Astros, Dodgers don’t want David Ortiz picking their team in Game 7

The Los Angeles Dodgers and Houston Astros will battle it out in a winner-take-all showdown Wednesday night in Game 7 of what has been an outstanding World Series.

And for the respective fan bases of the Dodgers and Astros, having FOX MLB analyst David Ortiz pick their team to win the series’ finale might as well be considered a kiss of death.

Why? Because Ortiz, who has been otherwise entertaining during his run with FOX this postseason, has not picked the winner in any World Series game, going a mind-blowing 0-for-6 in the past week.

Oof, that’s … not good.

As if the Dodgers fans and Astros fans won’t be nervous enough come game time, now the pregame show could prove to be just as stressful, thanks to Big Papi’s poor prognosticating skills.