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John Lynch irked by 49ers survey asking about importance of winning

The San Francisco 49ers organization probably should have asked John Lynch about the contents of a survey before sending it out to fans. Because the team’s new general manager clearly wasn’t impressed by the nature of at least one question.

The 49ers recently sent out a large survey to fans in which the following question was posed: “How important is winning to your stadium experience?”

And Lynch, in his first year as the 49ers general manager, was not surprisingly irked that such an inquiry ended up in the questionnaire.

“Someone brought that to my attention and that’s not something I want reflected in this organization,” Lynch said, via the San Francisco Chronicle. “There’s different aspects of an organization. I can promise you this: It didn’t come from my desk. . . .

“There’s a lot of layers to this organization. I don’t know where that came from. I’m not a big believer in surveys myself. I think you put out good work and people come. And you build it and people come. Yes, winning is everything to us. It’s everything to me. And I’ll just leave it at that.”

Lynch, along with first-year head coach Kyle Shanahan, face a monumental task in rebuilding the 49ers and return the team to relevancy. The last thing Lynch needs while presiding over an 0-7 squad is to be asked about why the higher-ups in the organization deemed it necessary for a fan base once accustomed to excellence to be questioned about the importance of winning.