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Conan O’Brien goofs on Aaron Rodgers over collarbone injury (vid)

It has already been noted how Aaron Rodgers broke some significant news regarding his collarbone surgery during an appearance on “Clueless Gamer” with Conan O’Brien, a bit during which the two spent some of the time playing “Assassin’s Creed Origins.”

The full segment aired Thursday night, and in it, O’Brien has a great time needling the Green Bay Packers quarterback over breaking his collarbone in a Week 6 game against the Minnesota Vikings.

First, O’Brien airs footage of Rodgers suffering the broken collarbone when tackled and driven into the turf by Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr. Only the “injury footage” is of a child being taken down by a jumping dog in the snow (at about 1:00 in the below video).

And then, O’Brien trots out prop guy Bill Tull to showcase exactly how Rodgers was injured. Utilizing a skeleton wearing a Packers helmet, Rodgers points to the right collarbone. And then Tull helped illustrate the injury by using a hammer to bust up the skeleton’s collarbone.

Packers offensive tackle David Bakhtiari also made an appearance, which turned out to be comedy gold.

It was great stuff and Rodgers deserves credit for having such a great sense of humor about the entire bit, which more or less lampooned how he suffered what in all likelihood may be a season-ending injury.