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Cleveland newspaper didn’t know Browns play Sunday in London (pic)

The Cleveland Browns earlier this week hopped on a plane for a transatlantic flight to England for Sunday’s game against the Minnesota Vikings. Maybe someone should have alerted Cleveland’s biggest newspaper about the development.

Why? Because an article was posted on the Cleveland Plain-Dealer’s website Friday morning dedicated to providing a weather forecast for Sunday’s game … as if it was being played at FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland, not at Twickenham Stadium in England.

The article, titled, “Browns fans will need to bundle up for game against Minnesota Vikings Sunday in Cleveland: FirstEnergy Stadium Weather forecast,” suggests fans attending the game that won’t be happening at the Browns’ home field may “want to bring a hat and mittens” as “[c]hilly weather is expected for the morning game near the lake.”

Great googly moogly.

The Browns’ game in London is technically considered a home game, so it stands to reason someone whose job isn’t to know everything about the NFL team simply followed protocol and assigned an article forecasting the weather. And the mistake was quickly rectified, as the article was taken down within 20 minutes of its original posting.

Still, would this kind of gaffe ever happen to any other NFL team but the woeful Browns in the first place? Probably not. Although it’s hard not to sympathize with Cleveland’s collective malaise over the team, who are 1-22 in their past 23 games.

Still, sigh.