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Tom Brady misspells Dwyane Wade’s name on personalized copy of book (pic)

Tom Brady personalized a copy of his much-heralded new book, “The TB12 Method” for Dwyane Wade. The trouble is the New England Patriots quarterback misspelled “Dwyane” while doing so, going with the much more conventional spelling of the Cleveland Cavaliers veteran’s name.

Evidence of the gaffe was evidently posted to social media by Wade himself and captured by USA Today’s Alysha Tsuji.


To be fair to Brady, “Dwyane” is an unconventional spelling of the name, with “Dwayne” of course being the more generally accepted way to spell it. It’s more amusing than anything and presumably something that inspired a chuckle or two out of Wade This certainly isn’t the first time such a thing has happened to Wade, nor will it be the last.

One has to expect, however, that if Brady does indeed give Bill Belichick a copy of his book — something the Pats signal-caller has joked about — it will have the crusty Patriots head coach’s name spelled correctly. It would be tremendously awkward otherwise.