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Draymond Green’s mom takes to Twitter to defend Jordan Bell dunk

Golden State Warriors rookie Jordan Bell found himself in the midst of a mini-controversy due to a highlight-reel dunk in the closing moments of Monday’s 133-103 victory over the Dallas Mavericks. But if it’s any consolation for Bell, at least Draymond Green’s mom has his back.

Bell arguably violated one of the those much ballyhooed “unwritten rules” in sports with his off-the-backboard-alley-oop to himself in the waning moments of a game which the Warriors had well in-hand.

While there has been much consternation and hand-wringing over the play, the Warriors themselves tweeted out footage of the dunk.

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr reportedly even attempted to apologize to Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle over violating the so-called “Code” but was rebuffed with extreme prejudice.

How Bell’s dunk is viewed depends upon several factors, including how one defines showboating or the concept of “rubbing it in” during garbage time. Amid the debate, Green’s mother, Mary Babers Green, emerged on Twitter to defend Bell amid the noise.

As it happens, Green perhaps not surprisingly agreed with his mother’s stance on the issue.

Green’s mother has been known to engage in a social media scrum or two when feeling her son is being slighted or criticized, on one occasion even blasting the Warriors. So, it certainly isn’t surprising to see her tweeting out amid the fallout from Bell’s arguably ill-advised dunk.

Give the outspoken nature of Green’s mom on such matters, someone should set a meeting between her and the most outspoken of NBA parents, LaVar Ball. Perhaps a talk show of some sort could be conceptualized with those two serving as co-hosts. Now that would make for great television.