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Tom Brady uses patented ‘TB Times’ routine to troll Falcons (pic)

Tom Brady, as he is wont to do after big victories by the New England Patriots, took to social media to publish another edition of the “TB Times,” a satirical “newspaper” bit the veteran quarterback often employs to amuse his fans.

The Patriots on Sunday night had no trouble with the Atlanta Falcons in a much ballyhooed Super Bowl LI rematch, winning easily by a score of 23-7.

Brady — or those in his employ — after the convincing win posted an ultimate troll-job of the Falcons on Instagram. Brady, in cartoonish form, jokingly asks a Falcon (that for some reason bears a bowl-cut hairstyle), “Best three out of five?” as the two play Tic-Tac-Toe on the street.


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Boom. Roasted. Brady is without question among the most savvy social media auteurs in the NFL, and this most recent demonstration of wit is the icing on the cake for a Sunday already deemed a “perfect day” by the veteran signal-caller.

It’s safe to say the reeling Falcons probably don’t want to see any of Brady and the Patriots anytime soon. Let’s call it a polite-but-demoralized “Thanks, but no thanks” on behalf of the Falcons, even for a whimsical-yet-sarcastic jab from Brady.