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Bills fan sets himself on fire after jumping onto burning table (vid)

The rowdiest of Buffalo Bills fans have proudly taken on the moniker “Bills Mafia” due to their often outrageous tailgating antics. Well, on Sunday, one member of the Bills Mafia somehow blazed a new trail when it comes to somehow topping all the previous and patented skullduggery.

Watch as an unidentified Bills fan leaps into a back-flop onto a table that for some reason was set ablaze. Shockingly (?), the man’s jersey caught fire.

Wow. Who woulda thunk it that jumping onto a burning table would somehow end with a “Stop, Drop & Roll” routine? Craziness.

It warrants noting that this is the second time already this season that an NFL fan of questionable decision-making abilities somehow has started himself on fire.

But back to Sunday in Orchard Park. As noted by Deadspin, the Buffalo News summarized fan antics before, during and after the Bills’ 30-27 victory over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Era Field with an article headlined “Another typical Bills game day in Orchard Park with crashes, counterfeiters, fires.”

There you go.