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NFL: Marshawn Lynch faces no league discipline for sitting in stands

NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart on Friday indicated Marshawn Lynch will not face league discipline for sitting in the stands during Thursday’s Oakland Raiders-Kansas City Chiefs game after getting ejected.

Lockhart said the NFL has no rules regarding where players go following an ejection beyond a requirement to vacate the field and sideline. Any discipline Lynch faces for sitting in the stands would be a “club matter,” per Lockhart.

Lynch was ejected from the Raiders’ thrilling 31-30 victory over the Chiefs at Coliseum during the second quarter after making contact with an official.

Lynch was spotted sitting in the stands taking in his team’s remarkable win. After the game, Lynch also took mass transit home, further establishing his iconic status in his hometown of Oakland.

Post-ejection shenanigans aside, Lockhart did indicate while Lynch won’t face league discipline for sitting in the stands, the NFL is reviewing his contact with an official. The standard fine for such conduct is $30,000, per Pro Football Talk, while leaving the sideline in the manner Lynch did typically is met with a $6,000 fine.