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Isaiah Thomas fires back on Twitter at taunting Celtics fan

Isaiah Thomas got into it on Twitter with a Boston Celtics fan who said he was “butt hurt” over the trade that shipped him to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Thomas responded by calling the taunting Celtics backer a “dumba–.”

The social media smack down started with the Celtics fan asking Thomas for a sequel to his “Book of Isaiah” documentary.

Thomas replied by indicating, yes, a “bigger and better” sequel will be released soon.

The Celtics fan, somehow offended by the “bigger and better” comment, responded with a tweet, since deleted, writing, “Yeah yeah we get it IT, you’re butt hurt Celts traded you.”

Thomas clearly did not appreciate the barb.

Thomas arguably didn’t have to fire off that last tweet, although it’s unlikely to cause him any headaches in the long run. It’s safe to assume that Thomas is tired of hearing about the trade, of which he once said, “That (expletive) hurt.”

But the Celtics fan wasn’t done just yet.

Thomas has made it abundantly he still harbors bitterness over the stunning trade, seemingly trolling the Celtics with a Instagram post about “loyalty” and indicating he would never talk to Celtics boss Danny Ainge again. It’s evident he wasn’t about to take any gruff on social media from a Celtics fan about anything, either.