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Carmelo Anthony appears to take shot at Knicks with cryptic tweet (pic)

Carmelo Anthony took to Twitter Thursday to post a cryptic message that for all intents and purposes has to be to interpreted as a potshot at the New York Knicks.

Carmelo’s former squad heads to Chesapeake Energy Arena Thursday night to face the veteran’s new team, the Oklahoma City Thunder, in both teams’ season-opening game. To presumably commemorate the event, Anthony tweeted out some lyrics from the Pusha T track, “Keep Dealing.”

“You Watched Me Walk Through Hell, Now Watch Me Walk Up Out It,” Anthony tweets. Fair enough, so long as it’s assumed Anthony feels his time with the Knicks, an era marked by inept management perpetuated by monumental dysfunction — is the NBA equivalent of Hades.

Anthony without question feels as if he has crossed back over the River Styx by getting traded to the Thunder. Anthony made his disdain for the Knicks organization — or at least how he was treated by it — by saying he felt “pushed out” last season. Reflecting upon his disastrous relationship with former Knicks boss Phil Jackson, Anthony speculated that the Zen Master willing “to trade me for a bag of chips.”

“You Watched Me Walk Through Hell, Now Watch Me Walk Up Out It,” indeed.