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Did Bill Belichick shut down Tom Brady’s ‘bro-hug’ attempt? (vid)

It could be argued that Bill Belichick has never exhibited any touchy-feely tendencies in his entire Hall of Fame coaching career. So, the notion that he appeared to shut down Tom Brady’s attempt at a bro-hug last Sunday really isn’t all that surprising.

Locker room footage has surfaced of the New England Patriots celebrating a 24-17, Week 6 victory over the New York Jets. As Belichick makes his way around the room, he approaches Brady to congratulate his quarterback. Brady appears to lean in for a bromantic embrace only to be sternly rebuffed by Belichick.

Yeah, that seems about right. Belichick simply wasn’t having it.

It’s worth noting that this isn’t the first time Brady has been shut down on an attempt to celebrate (here and here). In fact, a satirical public service announcement was created in 2014 over how teammates repeatedly snub Brady on sideline high-five attempts.

That said, Belichick’s locker room rebuff tops them all.