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Syracuse fan broke both legs storming field after upset of Clemson

A Syracuse Orange fan who attempted to storm the Carrier Dome field following last Friday’s stunning 27-24 upset over the then-No. 2 Clemson Tigers actually suffered serious injury during the pandemonium.

And now a GoFundMe Page has been started to help cover the medical costs of his injuries.

Justin Heath suffered a multitude of injuries when landing on the turf after climbing over the railing to join the celebration. Heath has been receiving donations via the GoFundMe page to help offset costs for him and his family as he continues to recover in the hospital.

All the details, via GoFundMe:

Justin took a tumble while attempting to rush the field after Syracuse’s upset of Clemson with hundreds of ecstatic Cuse fans. Unfortunately, while hopping over the railing on the way down to the turf he was pushed. Upon impact with the turf his right ankle was completely crushed, his left kneecap was displaced and he broke both legs. After two surgeries that included rods, plates and pins, Justin is likely to be out of work for 3-6 months.

Check out Justin on twitter at @heater22 and give hime some support. Many of the Cuse Twitter Army know who he is and what a huge Cuse fanatic he is. Let’s pitch in to help one of the Orange faithful get back on his feet, literally.

Thanks and Let’s Go Orange!!

“You could feel it building,” Heath said of the environment as Syracuse neared victory, via “You could see the players just buying in. You knew at some point that the emotions of the day were going to take over at some point.”

Heath seems to be taking the injury setbacks in stride.

“It’s weird. The pain was kind of like secondary,” Heath said. “It was exciting to just be part of it.”

As of Wednesday morning, nearly $3,400 of the reasonable $4,400 goal has been reached.