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Skip Bayless blasted for using Gordon Hayward injury to troll LeBron James

FOX Sports personality Skip Bayless is being roundly ripped on social media for using Gordon Hayward’s traumatic injury Tuesday night to take a potshot at LeBron James.

The gruesome injury occurred with less than seven minutes to go in the second quarter of the Boston Celtics’ 102-99 opening night loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Hayward, after going up for an alley-oop, landed awkwardly while colliding with LeBron James before collapsing under the basket.

Hayward was taken off the court on a stretcher with what’s been determined as a dislocated ankle and fractured tibia, per Celtics head coach Brad Stevens.

Suffice to say, it was a disturbing scene to anyone who witnessed it. Except apparently for Bayless, whose penchant for opting to be provocative at the expense of providing thoughtful analysis — and to sadly benefit from the negative attention by doing so — has been well-established.

To be fair to Bayless, he did tweet out a reasonable reaction to Hayward’s injury.

Bayless quickly took to Twitter upon Hayward’s horrific injury to use the terrible incident to take a cheap shot at James.

Bayless not surprisingly was destroyed on Twitter for what many believe was an absurdly insenstive “hot take” in light of the circumstances. Even a couple of NBA players, Rudy Gay and DeMar Rozan, called Bayless out over his tweet.

“You’re a clown for that tweet after a man gets hurt with a potential career ending injury!” DeRozan tweeted.
[Expletive] bigger then [sic] basketball!”

The reaction by the general social media populace was not any nicer. A sampling, as culled by Awful Announcing:

The case can be made that the best way to stop Bayless from engaging in such abhorrent behavior is to ignore him. After all, Bayless must revel in evoking such vitriolic responses given he keeps going back to the same tired bit time and time again.

But in this instance, ignoring Bayless isn’t a sufficient response. Bayless deserves to be called out for shamefully utilizing a traumatic injury to take a shot at his favorite foil.