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Mike Zimmer opts to ‘put the brakes’ on Teddy Bridgewater hype

Teddy Bridgewater was cleared to return to Minnesota Vikings practice this week 14 months after suffering a horrific knee injury. Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer  on Wednesday tried to temper any expectations related to Bridgewater’s remarkable return by opting to “put the brakes” on any speculation on how things would play out in the coming weeks.

Bridgewater not only was cleared to practice, a report surfaced Wednesday that the quarterback will have “no limitations” moving forward.

Zimmer also cautioned against any belief that even the Vikings know what to expect out of Bridgewater after such an extended absence.

Bridgewater, Zimmer said, must prove one things above all else before taking any semblance of a next step.

“He’s been in a very controlled environment for the last 14 months,” Zimmer said, via the Star Tribune. “So, eventually, we have to work him into some uncontrolled environments.”

The Vikings have a three-week window beginning Wednesday to make an ultimate roster designation on Bridgewater. But given the developments of the past week, it’s not out of the realm to see Bridgewater before the end of the regular season. However, with Case Keenum playing competently for the Vikings (4-2) in the stead of a hobbled Sam Bradford, there’s no reason to rush things.