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Time-lapse video showcases unreal LeBron James pumpkin carving (vid)

Renowned pumpkin carver Mike Pickett has created a stunningly realistic LeBron James Jack-o’-Lantern that has to be seen to be believed. And while the finished product is indeed impressive enough, a time-lapse video of its creation showcases Pickett’s incredible skill and mastery of the tools of the trade.

Yup, it only took Pickett 36 minutes to finish that remarkable piece of art in the medium of pumpkin. Wow.

Here’s how Pickett does it, via

To achieve the carefully-shaded images, Pickett uses rotary Dremel tools to carve and sand away at pumpkins’ rind and flesh. Different sizes and styles of the Dremel’s bits allows for a range of detail and textures. By putting small light inside the pumpkin as he carves, Pickett can see the final illuminated effect of the image’s shading on the finished product. Craft knives round out his tools, allowing for light to completely shine through, as a classic Jack-O-Lantern uses.

The report goes on to note that Pickett has transitioned to using foam pumpkins for his work, as it avoids the inevitable rot of traditional Jack-o’-Lanterns.

Either way, Pickett finds pumpkin-carving to be quite the rewarding endeavor.

“Their faces when they see the pumpkin lit up is my favorite thing,” Pickett said.