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Bill Belichick blames ‘fantasy football or some garbage’ for lack of buzz over Jets

Bill Belichick busted out a sublime Belichick-ian mini-rant about “fantasy football or some garbage” when bemoaning how the New York Jets (3-2) aren’t getting their due respect after an unexpectedly strong start.

The New England Patriots head to MetLife Stadium Sunday to take on the upstart Jets. And Belichick cannot understand why there isn’t more buzz around a team that many predicted to perhaps only win three games all season.

“Whoever’s saying that, I don’t know what games they’re watching,” Belichick said of the Jets, who are riding a three-game winning streak, via NESN. “Maybe it’s fantasy football or some garbage. I don’t know. I don’t know how you can watch that team play and not think they’re one of the most competitive teams we’ve played.”

Belichick went on to sing the praises of Jets quarterback Josh McCown and how Sunday’s opponent played well in opening losses to the Buffalo Bills and Oakland Raiders in Week 1 and Week 2, respectively.

But the big take out of Belichick’s comments is hearing him rail against what he perceives as the petty annoyances and aggravating aspects of the modern age, in this case fantasy football. Sure, Belichick’s curmudgeonly take on fantasy football isn’t as great as when he perhaps intentionally refers to social media platforms by comically incorrect names, it’s still great stuff.