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Steelers OC Todd Haley downplays Antonio Brown’s meltdown

Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley defended Antonio Brown over the wide receiver’s sideline meltdown, arguing that Brown, like many players, “are competitive and passionate.”

Brown had himself quite the temper tantrum during Sunday’s victory over the Baltimore Ravens. After Ben Roethlisberger missed a wide-open Brown on a play that appeared to be a sure touchdown, the fiery wide receiver blew a gasket on the sideline.

Haley had an up close and personal view of Brown’s histrionics. After Brown tossed a water cooler, it was Haley who approached the fiery wide receiver, who had taken a seat on the bench. Brown stood up and walked away and when Haley grabbed the back of Brown’s jersey, Brown pulled away and swatted at Haley’s hand.

“I just knew he was worked up and tried to calm him down a little bit, but guys are competitive and passionate,” Haley said of Brown’s behavior during his weekly media session Thursday, via Steelers Depot. “It kind of got away at that point, and it seems to have worked itself out. ”

Haley also mentioned that he knows a thing or two about not being able to reign in one’s emotions.

“You just try to understand that guys are passionate and want to contribute and want to make plays and there’s going to be some emotion out there,” Haley said. “I’ve been one of the emotional ones at different times, so I’m understanding of it.”

Brown was roundly criticized for his antics, with Roethlisberger calling the incident a “distraction,” adding he was “disappointed” over the situation. Roethlisberger later defended calling out Brown publicly, saying it’s his job as a team leader to do so.

Brown later in the week took to Twitter to apologize and even made light of the situation by having a “rematch” with a water cooler in the Steelers locker room.

It would seem the Steelers would prefer to put the incident in the past. After all, diva-like behavior from a diva wide receiver isn’t much of a revolutionary development in the NFL.