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Gary Sanchez tweets he’s ‘OK’ after wicked foul ball to groin

New York Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez took to Twitter Wednesday morning to tweet that he’s “OK” despite taking a wicked foul ball straight to the nether-regions during Tuesday’s 8-4 victory over the Minnesota Twins in the AL Wild Card Game.

In fact, Sanchez demonstrated a sense of humor over the entire incident, which is surprising given how painful it appeared. The photograph in the tweet was of Yankees relief pitcher David Robertson reacting in horror to the nightmarish scene that had just played out in front of him by … theatrically sympathizing to what his teammate had just experienced.

“Poor guy. I had a great view of it, he just took a tough shot right there,” Robertson said. “I just felt for him. I’m wearing a cup, too. I just know how it feels to get hit there. It’s not fun.”

Indeed. Here’s video of the cringe-worthy incident.

Yamma hamma.

Somehow, Sanchez, who clearly was in great discomfort immediately afterward, remained in the game. And apparently, the Yankees catcher, while presumably a bit sore, is overall no worse for wear a day later. Yeesh.