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Carl Lawson shows off repaired smile after losing teeth in game (pic)

Cincinnati Bengals rookie defensive end Carl Lawson suffered quite the dental injury in last Sunday’s 31-7 victory over the Cleveland Browns when a parts of his two front teeth were knocked out during a sack attempt on DeShone Kizer.

“I got around the edge, and I thought I got a sack, but they said the ball was going forward,” Lawson said, via ESPN. “When I was bringing him down, I just see my teeth in the air for like two seconds. I was like, ‘Holy crap.'”

Lawson, who received an inordinate amount of ribbing from his teammates, was reluctant after the game to showcase the incident’s aftermath, agreeing to post-game interviews but putting the kibosh on appearing in a photograph or video.

Now, however, Lawson is jokingly acting as if he never suffered any knocked-out Chiclets in the first place.

Lawson started things out on Monday by tweeting out a joke about the situation while attaching a photo of his knocked-out teeth in a container of some sort.

The Bengals took to Twitter to playfully razz Lawson over his missing teeth in reaction to his tweet.

To which Lawson responded by acting as if nothing had ever happened to his teeth, flashing his pearly whites with a rascally grin, presumably following a recapping procedure.

Now that’s some mighty fine dental work right there. It’s almost as if Lawson’s dental emergency ever happened.