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Olivia Munn: Relationship with Aaron Rodgers impacted career

Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers ended a three-year relationship in April and the actress implied in a recent interview that supporting the Green Bay Packers quarterback may have negatively impacted her career.

Munn indicated in an interview with Collider that she sacrificed opportunities to remain near Rodgers, saying she was only able to squeeze in a cameo in the upcoming “Oceans Eight” film due to her romance with Rodgers.

“During that time, I was in a relationship where I didn’t work,” Munn said. “He played football, so during the season, for three years, I’d have to go do press, but I wouldn’t work. I just wanted to be there to be supportive. But then, this came up. It worked out that it was on a day off, so I flew out and did it.”

Rodgers recently opened up about the pressures of being in a high-profile relationship.

“When you are living out a relationship in the public eye, it’s definitely … it’s difficult,” Rodgers said. “It has some extra constraints, because you have other opinions about your relationship, how it affects your work and, you know, just some inappropriate connections.”

Reports shortly after the couple’s breakup in April indicated Rodgers parted ways with Munn over her “controlling” ways. Subsequent reports indicated Rodgers was making “drastic changes” in his life after the split from the actress.

Munn, meanwhile, after initially being upset over the breakup, per reports, has had some fun with the situation, seemingly trolling Rodgers’ Packers by posing for a photograph alongside die-hard Minnesota Vikings fan Nick Swardson.

Rodgers reportedly has moved on from Munn, as he was recently spotted on a dinner date with soccer player Maria Margolius. Munn reportedly stated at the time she “couldn’t care less” about Rodgers’ personal life at this point.