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LaVar Ball’s ‘vision’: Lakers top Warriors in conference finals, win title

LaVar Ball arguably outdid himself with his latest outrageous claim, saying his “vision” of the 2017-18 NBA season finishes with son Lonzo Ball leading the Los Angeles Lakers to the NBA Finals … and winning it all.

The self-confident, self-promoting and self-aggrandizing Big Baller Brand CEO recently made his bold — and arguably ridiculous — prediction during an interview this week on CBS Sports’ “Flagrant Two” podcast.

Ball outrageously claims that so long as the Lakers face the Golden State Warriors — remember them? — in the Western Conference Finals, an NBA title is all but assured.

“I’ve got a vision for this year,” Ball said, via CBS Sports. “[The Lakers] are gonna win them 50 games, and they gonna get in them playoffs, and the story that’s gonna be for L.A. is Steve Kerr versus Luke Walton. That’s gonna be a hell of an L.A. story, because he don’t want that matchup. Luke know them tendencies, for that type of team. He knows ’em. And then there’s another big story that y’all gonna have: The bigmouth father LaVar said his son was better than Steph Curry — now let’s see!

“If they get them suckers in the Western Conference finals, the Lakers are gonna get them. And when they get to the Finals, my son ain’t gonna lose.”

Remember, the Lakers went 26-56 last season while the Warriors are coming off a 67-win campaign (which followed a record-breaking 73-win season) and a second NBA title in three years.

Ball went on to inexplicably explain why the Lakers would hold an advantage over the Warriors, although his logic lacks a foothold in reality and his reasoning is deeply flawed. Then again, what else should we expect from the bombastic and boisterous LaVar Ball given his track record?

Just when one thinks Ball may be receding into the shadows, he surfaces once again and not only outdoes himself, but does so in mind-boggling fashion. Quite the accomplishment, really.