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J.R. Smith colorfully addresses implications of Dwyane Wade addition

Dwyane Wade was an extremely late addition to the Cleveland Cavaliers that potentially could have far-reaching implications on the team’s rotation. Perhaps the player that could be most impacted is J.R. Smith, who may see Wade take some of his minutes, not to mention his starter slot.

Smith this week indicated “as far as I know I’m still in the starting lineup,” while Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue suggested there’s a “plan in place” on how to best utilize Wade.

But Smith expanded upon the possible issue over minutes by colorfully explaining his thoughts on the situation.

It’s a fairly easy task to glean exactly what Smith was inferring with the “blank” in his quote. But all credit goes to Smith for not only playing the role of good soldier, but also for not “working blue,” as the saying goes.

Smith, on a more serious note, deferred to the coaching staff concerning how to best utilize the players on the roster.

“That’s a coaching decision, however it works out,” Smith said, as transcribed by Dime Mag. “If anything, it makes us stronger. Whether I come off the bench or he comes off the bench, however it works. I don’t really focus on it, honestly. This is my 14th year coming up, and I’ve had a lot of BS in my past but I don’t plan on bringing that to the Cavs.”

Yep, it sure sounds like Smith has no interest whatsoever in engaging in a “blank measuring contest” with D-Wade. That has to be viewed as a positive for the Cavaliers, on several fronts.