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Twins on lack of regulars in Thursday’s lineup: ‘Last night was fun’

The Minnesota Twins shocked Major League Baseball this season, going from a 103-loss campaign in 2016 to turning things around in sudden and amazing fashion in 2017 by clinching the second AL Wild Card slot on Wednesday night.

Suffice to say, such a remarkable turnaround in only one season afforded the Twins the right to bask in the afterglow, if for only one night.

And the Twins did just that after clinching a playoff berth courtesy of the Los Angeles Angels’ loss to the Chicago White Sox. After waiting out the outcome of the Angels game after their loss to the Cleveland Indians at Progressive Field, the Twins partook in some of the patented clubhouse revelry that typifies such instances.

Given the late-night nature of Wednesday’s celebratory partying — and with the Twins facing the Indians in an early game Thursday — it should come as no surprise that the Twins trotted out a very interesting lineup for the finale of their three-game set with the Indians. Let’s call it the “Hangover Lineup” for the sake of honesty.

The Twins lineup Thursday is devoid of such mainstays as Byron Buxton, Brian Dozier, Joe Mauer, Eddie Rosario, and Eduardo Escobar. Instead, here’s who will face Indians starter Carlos Carrasco.

Make note how the Twins were brutally honest about the reason behind such a regular-depleted lineup, writing in the tweet, “Last night was fun.”

Indeed it was, indeed it was.