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MLB reacts to Wiz Khalifa miming joint puff before first pitch at Pirates game (pic)

Wiz Khalifa created quite the scene Wednesday during his ceremonial first pitch before the Pittsburgh Pirates-Baltimore Orioles tilt at PNC Park. Suffice to say, Major League Baseball didn’t find the Pittsburgh rapper’s appearance a “hit” by any stretch the word.

Khalifa, 27, sporting a shirt bearing the message “Legalize It,” mimicked smoking a joint while standing on the mound before his first pitch.

Interestingly, the Pirates even tweeted out images of the rapper at the game, despite him rocking the pro-pot shirt the entire time.

Major League Baseball has since weighed in on the awkward first-pitch incident.

“Marijuana is a probated substance in all of our drug programs and it is unfortunate this situation occurred,” MLB spokesman Pat Courtney said on Thursday via email, via the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “The Pirates have informed us that this should not have happened.”

The Pirates did not immediately respond to the Trib-Review’s request for comment, per the report.

In any event, don’t expect the Pirates to follow-up Wiz Khalifa’s appearance at the ballpark with a puff piece anytime soon.