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Country music legend boycotted ‘Thursday Night Football’ … on Wednesday

Country music icon Charlie Daniels on Wednesday took to Twitter to weigh in on the NFL’s national anthem protest controversy, opining on how Vince Lombardi may have reacted to his Green Bay Packers players kneeling during the anthem.

Daniels, best known for the 1979 diddy, “The Devil Went Down to Georgia,” also went on to indicate Wednesday he had no plans of watching “Thursday Night Football” that night in light of the player protests.

Unfortunately for the front man of the Charlie Daniels Band, the “Thursday Night Football” showdown between the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears this week … wasn’t being played on Wednesday, for some reason. That reason being it was, you know, Wednesday, not Thursday. Derp.

Circling back to Daniels’ original tweet about Lombardi. Twitter provocateur Keith Olbermann responded with some points that suggested the Packers iconic head coach would have perhaps handled things differently than how Daniels suspects.

Another Twitter user provided a quote from Lombardi about social unrest in the 1960s that also indicates he may have at least understood the motivation behind anthem protests had such things occurred during his era (by way of NESN):

There you go. Daniels’ Thursday Night Football tweet is still up, for what it’s worth. Suffice to say, Daniels might be doing some fiddling instead of watching the Bears-Packers clash on Thursday night. Just a hunch.