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Report: Odell Beckham to meet with Giants co-owner over celebration

Odell Beckham Jr. will have a meeting with New York Giants co-owner John Mara over his crude touchdown celebration during Sunday’s loss to the Philadelphia Eagles, reports ESPN’s Josina Anderson.

The enigmatic Giants wideout mimicked a dog urinating after scoring a touchdown during the fourth quarter of the 27-24 loss. Beckham was penalized 15 yards for unsportsmanlike conduct for the act.

Mara indicated on Tuesday he was “very unhappy with Odell’s behavior on Sunday and we intend to deal with it internally.”

Beckham hinted on Monday in a tweet that his celebratory antics might have been inspired by President Donald Trump’s remarks calling NFL players who protest during the anthem “sons of b—-es.” That appears to be the case.

Beckham also said of his celebration: “I’m a dog so I acted like a dog. I don’t know if the rulebook said you can’t hike your leg.” He expressed no remorse afterward for it, either.

In comments to Anderson, Beckham again attempted to explain how the misunderstanding. Or, at the very least, the misinterpretation of NFL rules regarding such matters.

Beckham is expected to be fined by the NFL for the celebration, although it’s unclear if the Giants will levy any additional punishment following his expected meeting with Mara.

That said, Beckham also indicated Wednesday he will accept any and all discipline in whatever form “as a learning lesson.”