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LeBron James, Steph Curry featured on SI ‘A Nation Divided, Sports United’ cover (pic)

The cover of the upcoming issue of Sports Illustrated takes stock on the current controversy surrounding professional sports given how President Donald Trump ignited a firestorm with comments over the past several days with comments about the NFL and NBA.

The cover, which features the headline, “A Nation Divided, Sports United,” includes a mocked-up photograph of LeBron James and Stephen Curry linking arms alongside NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, among other prominent personalities from pro sports who have become involved, either intentionally or tangentially, in the controversy spawned by Trump’s inflammatory comments.

The fallout from Trump’s comments began late last week when the President argued that any NFL player who protests during the national anthem should be “fired.” The President also withdrew an invitation — one that may have not even been extended in the first place — to the NBA champion Golden State Warriors after Curry said he would not attend a White House ceremony should the team be invited.

The comments sparked a backlash in both leagues, with NFL players and organizations taking unprecedented steps to demonstrate unity before, during and after the anthem during Week 3 games. James also has spoken at length about Trump over the past handful of days, calling the President a “bum” at one point.

Trump has since continued his tweetstorm railing against professional sports, up to and including Monday morning.

The article chronicling the current movement in sports and its potential consequences and repercussions, written by Charles P. Pierce and entitled, Athletes Are Not Going to ‘Stick to Sports’ and That’s an Admirably American Thing,” can be read here.