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CC Sabathia not worried about booze-fueled celebrations

CC Sabathia may be a recovering alcoholic but insisted there are no worries about any potential booze-fueled celebrations for the New York Yankees in the coming weeks.

The Yankees hold a 6.5-game lead in the American League Wild Card standings and sit three games back of the Boston Red Sox in the AL East, so the team is all but assured of a postseason berth. And with that, there will be at least one clubhouse celebration featuring champagne bottles, the spraying of beer and the other alcohol-related frivolity that typify such revelry.

“I’ll be fine,” Sabathia succinctly stated following Wednesday’s victory over the Minnesota Twins at Yankee Stadium, via

Sabathia’s road to sobriety began in 2015, just as the Yankees were set to play in the AL Wild Card Game. It was announced that Sabathia would not be joining his teammates as he had decided to seek in-patient treatment for alcohol abuse.


It was reported at the time of his announcement he would seek treatment after a weekend-long bender in Baltimore during the Yankees’ final road trip of the regular season. The incident served as the impetus to Sabathia finally realizing he needed help.

Shortly after the announcement, Sabatahia was spotted at a costly and celebrity-friendly rehab facility, which indicated Sabathia quickly embarked upon his road to recovery.

Sabathia later insisted he’s “always going to be recovering” in December 2015.

The Yankees veteran pitcher indicated this week he will not ask the Yankees for a substitute beverage, which is what then-Texas Rangers star Josh Hamilton, a recovering addict with several relapses, did in 2010, when the team celebrated with ginger ale instead of the customary liquor.

“No,” Sabathia said. “I won’t be doing that.”

Events like a postseason celebrations and the associated trappings are fraught with risks of relapse for Sabatathia. But it sounds like he’s approaching the impending situation with confidence and calm.