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Indians rookies don superhero costumes for flight to Seattle (pic)

The Cleveland Indians (96-57) are flying high as AL Central champs and have a great shot at making it consecutive World Series appearances given how red-hot the team has been down the stretch.

With that in mind, the Indians are feeling pretty loosey-goosey right now … winning 27 out of 28 games can have that effect. So, how about utilizing their flight north out of L.A. to Seattle to take on the Mariners this weekend for the annual — but much tamer, due to MLB policy —  rite of passage for rookies with a little friendly hazing?

And that’s just what the Indians did, having the assembled rookies on the roster don superhero costumes for Thursday’s plane trip.

The costumed rookies were photographed outside Angels Stadium — where Cleveland had just swept the Angels in a three-game set — showing off their best superhero impersonations.

The Indians were even thoughtful enough to alert their Twitter followers which rookie was which superhero.

Road trips where players get dressed up according to a given theme are nothing new, just ask the Chicago Cubs. And even though, as noted, Major League Baseball has instituted some stringent conditions when it comes to hazing — again, just ask the Cubs — it sure looks like the rookies enjoyed the costumed craziness.