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Trevor Siemian on QB play: ‘Drop back and throw it to the open guy’

Denver Broncos quarterback Trevor Siemian has been a revelation so far this season, looking mighty impressive while leading the team to a 2-0 record. And the 25-year-old signal-caller perhaps oversimplified why exactly he’s been playing so well, explaining quarterbacking is all about the need to “drop back and throw it to the open guy.”

Coming off a 42-17 throttling of the Dallas Cowboys in Week 2, Siemian has completed 65 percent of his passes, throwing for 450 yards, six touchdowns and two interceptions for a 106.9 quarterback rating on the season. Siemian’s stats have him tied for first in touchdown passes and sixth in passer rating in the NFL.

But Siemian, whom Broncos linebacker Von Miller apparently refers to as “Peter Parker,” played down the great start when asked about any statistical goals for the season.

“Not really, we won two games, that’s pretty good,” Siemian said, via ESPN’s Jeff Legwold. “We’re focused on this week.”

A balanced offensive attack undoubtedly has contributed to the Siemian’s success as the Broncos are nearly 50-50 on run vs. pass through two games when accounting for 11 rushes from Siemian that were originally pass plays.

Broncos head coach Vance Joseph praised Siemian, saying the quarterback is “in complete control of the offense.”

Siemian not surprisingly gave credit to his supporting staff instead of patting himself on the back.

“With our team and our offense, I want to get the ball to those guys and get out of the way,” Siemian said. “It’s not going to be me running around making plays, that’s not how we’re going to be really good. It’s going to be 10 [Sanders], 88 [Demaryius Thomas], 22 [Anderson], 28 [Jamaal Charles] — all those guys making explosive plays. The more we can get it to those guys the better we can be.”

The Broncos will aim to go 3-0 with a showdown with the Buffalo Bills at Ralph Wilson Stadium. If Siemian continues his stellar play, it certainly appears to be in the cards.