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Jason Garrett says he addressed effort issues with Ezekiel Elliott

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett on Thursday indicated he addressed with Ezekiel Elliott the controversial effort issue from last Sunday’s demoralizing loss to the Denver Broncos. And now, Garrett just wants to move on from it.

“We cleaned the game up the way we clean the game up,” Garrett said when asked if he’s spoken to Elliott about the issue, via The Dallas Morning News. “Every week there are issues on our team that we address head on and we make sure we handle them, we address them, we solve them and we keep moving forward.

“There were plenty of things in that ballgame we need to address and put behind us.”

Elliott was roundly criticized — including by Garrett himself — for a perceived lack of effort during two turnovers following Dak Prescott interceptions in the Cowboys’ 42-17 setback Sunday.

Garrett was also asked during Thursday’s presser how Elliott handled the discussion.

“Yeah, Zeke is a professional,” Garrett said. “Zeke knows how to play football at this level. He’s demonstrated that over the course of his career.

“He’s not perfect. Nobody is perfect. When things happen, we address them. We coach them and then we move forward.”

The entire effort saga has been one of the prevailing story lines following Week 2. Pundits, analysts and the like have spent a lot of time this week weighing in on whether or not Elliott quit on the plays in question. Regardless of how outsiders feel about it, the perception is the Cowboys handled the situation in-house and are finished with it.

More importantly, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones already spread around the blame by arguing Elliott wasn’t the only player not showing max effort following the turnovers. And in Cowboys Land, that’s all that needs to be said.