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John Harbaugh drops British knowledge about deleted Queen tweet

The Baltimore Ravens caused a stir on social media — and presumably some consternation among the Anglophile community — with a since-deleted tweet in which Queen Elizabeth II is awkwardly regaled in team-themed face paint.

The Ravens of course square off against the Jacksonville Jaguars in London on Sunday, so the ill-fated tweet at least made some semblance of sense, even though in England it’s considered in poor taste to portray members of the British monarchy for marketing or promotional purposes absent permission.

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh, evidently quite surprised that the media didn’t lead-off with inquiries about the social media gaffe, actually brought it up himself.

“Nothing about the queen and the face-painting deal?” Harbaugh asked near the end of his Wednesday media session, via ESPN.

And then, Harbaugh dug deep into his education concerning British royal affairs to drop some knowledge on the assembled media.

“I think it’s important to remember that ravens do guard the Tower of London,” Harbaugh quipped before walking off the podium.

It is accurate that ravens — at least six of them — are indeed housed in the legendary tower. And the presence of the birds, legend has it, are thought to protect the tower and the crown. So there’s that.

It’s noted in ESPN’s report that the inspiration behind depicting the queen rocking Ravens face paint was to highlight a team mobile app where fans can apply similar facial adornments to their own selfies.

But all things considered, the case can be made that the decision to go forward with the since-deleted tweet, in light of the British etiquette fail it featured — was for the birds. As it were.