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Lonzo Ball spotted wearing shirt with his head on NBA logo (pics)

Lonzo Ball either was making some kind of statement or alternatively a clever joke by working out in a shirt bearing the iconic NBA logo, save for one major alteration: It had his head in the logo instead of the legendary Jerry West’s silhouette.

The Lakers official Twitter account on Monday posted evidence of the rookie Ball’s interesting choice of attire.

The photographs were from a Lakers workout and it appears that most players featured in the tweet opted for Lakers-themed shirts … except for Ball, that is.

Ball likely intended no disrespect to either West or the NBA for co-opting the league’s logo. That does not mean some won’t take offense to it, especially in light of how it plays right into the shameless self-promotion approach that is part and parcel of the playbook for Big Baller Brand, which of course is run by the Lakers rookie’s father, LaVar Ball.

The elder Ball of course operates his business — not to mention the management of his sons’ basketball careers — with bombastic bravado and brash bluster, so the shirt is really nothing more than business as usual for the Ball family.

That said, this is likely much ado about nothing. But with all things Ball and Big Baller Brand, it’s likely all part of a master plan orchestrated by none other than LaVar Ball.