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Tigers’ Jeff Ferrell responsive after taking 103-mph liner to head (vid)

Detroit Tigers pitcher Jeff Ferrell was involved in a frightening incident during Monday’s game against the Oakland Athletics when a screaming liner drilled him in the head.

Most amazingly of all, not only did Ferrell not go down after being drilled, he is somehow doing fine in the aftermath of the scary scene.

The terrifying incident occurred during the top of 8th inning in Detroit’s 8-3 loss. A’s first baseman Ryon Healy sent a screamer right back at a defenseless Ferrell, who took the direct hit straight to the back of his head. The contact could be audibly heard in the ballpark.

While clearly dazed, the fact that Ferrell didn’t drop to the ground immediately is shocking. Ferrell was also able to walk off the field under his own power.

“There’s no question,” Tigers manager Brad Ausmus said of the incident, via The Detroit Free Press. “A line drive to the head is about as scary as it gets in the game.”

Indeed, especially when StatCast measured the speed of the line-drive at 102.6 mph.

“It hit it pretty flush,” Ausmus said. “There was a little bit of blood from above and behind his right ear but like I said, he was responsive even from the get-go when we got out there.”

Ferrell was taken to the hospital and all signs point toward the right-hander somehow being okay, relatively speaking.

“Initially, the signs were actually pretty good,” Ausmus said. “He’s getting a cautionary CT scan just to be sure but we’re optimistic he’ll be fine.”

Ausmus added Ferrell will now be in MLB concussion protocol. All things considered, not too bad of an outcome given how horribly things could have gone for Ferrell.