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Mike Greenberg criticized by ESPN colleagues for Andrew Luck rumor

ESPN Radio host Mike Greenberg has come under fire over reporting on speculation that Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck is unhappy and perhaps even wants out of Indy. Even worse, Greenberg is being criticized by some of his own ESPN colleagues.

Greenberg on Wednesday reported he has heard that there’s a “general sense” of  “an ever-widening gap between” Luck and the Colts.

Greenberg did attempt to later clarify his reporting during Wednesday’s episode of “Mike & Mike” on ESPN Radio.

“I want to make it clear, I’m not reporting (Luck) wants out of there or anything like that,” Greenberg said. “That’s just a commonly heard rumor, that he doesn’t want to go back on the field because he feels that he played hurt last year and will not want to go back out until he’s 100 percent. That’s not even a rumor, just what people are saying around the situation.”

Will Wilson, Luck’s agent, vehemently disputed the veracity of Greenberg’s comments, telling the Indy Star, “The speculation/rumor is simply not true. Andrew would not have signed a five-year extension last year if he was not committed to the Colts. Complete non-story.”

But perhaps the worst part of the drama for Greenberg is how his own colleagues came after him over the speculation concerning Luck, including Adam Schefter, among others.

The longtime and respected ESPN NFL insider had a “tone of incredulity,” per a New York Post report, when he cut off Greenberg during an appearance Thursday on “Mike & Mike.”

“I know you came up with the statements you did, he signed a five-year contract last year. He’s not going anywhere,” Schefter said of Luck. “They can’t deal him and don’t want to deal him. So, to me, they’re with each other for better or worse. And there remains a question as to when he’ll be back.”

Instead of being hailed as The Worldwide Leader in Sports, perhaps ESPN should simply be called The Worldwide Leader in Dysfunction, for even more controversial reasons above and beyond this Greenberg mess.