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Kris Bryant, wife Jessica sending thank-you notes to fans for wedding gifts (pic)

Kris Bryant and wife Jess were wed in January and it appears the newlyweds are doing everything possible to make sure fans who were kind enough to send them a wedding gift receive the traditional note of gratitude.

DNAInfo Chicago reporter Kelly Bauer tweeted out an image of a thank-you note from the Bryants sent to one lucky fan.

Kelly Langan was among the many Cubs fans who pored over the Bryant’s wedding registry, settling upon a pair of Moscow Mule mugs as her gift.

“The mugs seemed friendly and festive,” Langan said. “I was hoping for a thank-you note that was ‘autographed’ to keep as a memento. Success!”

“Thank you all for gifting us the two Moscow mule mugs! We are beyond grateful you took the time to think of us and our marriage!” the Bryants wrote in the card.

Langan believes the gesture showcases the couple as as “nice and ‘regular’ people.”

“I like that it was a regular, handwritten note, not too fancy, like I would’ve written,” Langan said. “And I got my autograph … with a backstory!”

Not a bad gig if you can get it.

Jess Bryant recently took to Instagram to post a photo that documents Lanagan’s gift is being prominently displayed in the couple’s kitchen.

The new bride also made it clear the couple is making every attempt to somehow send out thank-you notes to every fan who gave them a gift, when possible.

“Finally finishing up thank you notes & they will be sent out this week!!!” she wrote on Instagram. “Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU everyone who sent a gift & being so patient as I worked to get these out…

“A little disclaimer: I tried REALLY hard to make sure every single person who sent something got a note, but some came without invoices & some had no addresses attached!! I still want those who got missed…I hope not any…to know we greatly appreciate that you took the time to think of us and our marriage.”