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Tom Brady: It ‘kinda sucked’ having extra days to stew over loss

Tom Brady on Monday bemoaned how opening the 2017 NFL season last Thursday night with a humbling loss “kinda sucked” because the New England Patriots had three extra days to stew over the setback.

The Patriots lost at home to the Kansas City Chiefs by a surprising score of 42-27. And Brady pointed out playing on Thursday instead of Sunday disrupted the typical ebb and flow of how the team deals with a loss.

“It’s probably easier when you’re getting right back to work,” Brady said during his weekly appearance on Boston radio’s WEEI, via theĀ Boston Herald. “It actually kind of sucked having three extra days to think about it and watch and rewatch the game. The good thing about football season when it’s Sunday to Sunday is Monday, you kind of watch it, and by Tuesday, you’re already moving onto the next team. I’ve moved on to the next team, but we haven’t done that formally as a team. We’re doing that today.

“Yeah, it kind of sits with us a little bit longer. But maybe it’s good for us to sit with it a bit longer and make us continue to evaluate and nitpick and so forth. So it’s probably a couple extra days on weeks like this as opposed to a normal, seven-day week. We’re meeting as a team today to really move on to the next opponent and start studying and doing all the things we need to do to get prepared for obviously another good team.”

Brady mentioned it’s “hard to tell” if the chatter about the Patriots potentially embarking upon a perfect season caused the team to come out complacement in their season opener. Bill Belichick tried to nip such talk in the bud at the onset, but perhaps the team was riding high on all the preseason prognostications, not to mention the championship banner unveiling ahead of Thursday’s game.

That said, it’s only one loss. And Belichick will make sure the team isn’t dwelling on the past heading into a Week 2 tilt with the New Orleans Saints.