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Lenny Dykstra creepily hits on actress Lena Dunham on Twitter

Lena Dunham issued a provocative tweet about baseball players Thursday while attending the New York Mets-Cincinnati Reds game at Citi Field. And that apparently gave Lenny Dykstra all the inspiration needed to put the moves on the actress … with less-than-stellar results.

It all started when Dunham — in attendance to watch boyfriend, Jack Antonoff, frontman of the band Bleachers, throw out the ceremonial first pitch (which she chronicled on Instagram) — offered up some thoughts about her apparent attraction to ballplayers.

Dykstra replied by asking the “Girls” star to give him a social media holler.

Dykstra proceeded to post a Garth Brooks video, for some reason, and dedicated it to Dunham.

Dunham indicated in a subsequent tweet that she doesn’t know who Dykstra is…

Catching up on Dykstra’s sordid and troubled past likely wouldn’t help him score points with Dunham. So the former ballplayer suggested an alternate suggestion. And that’s when then things got even more awkward, which at first blush seemed like an impossibility.

Oof. That is a whole lotta awkward right there. Those interested can follow the conversation’s descent into really creepy — and somewhat profane — territory on Dunham’s original tweet.

Given Dunham was ultimately “revolted” by Dykstra’s antics — she referred to the ex-ballplayer as her “new stalker” and a “grandpa” — there is certainly no chance of a romance developing.

Instead, these two will be yet another case of two ships passing one another in the social media night. And let’s just say that’s probably is a good thing for Dunham, all things considered.