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Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie disputes notion Colin Kaepernick is blackballed

Jeffrey Lurie became the latest NFL owner to dispute the belief that Colin Kaepernick remains without a job because the quarterback has been blackballed.

“The definition of blacklist is some discussion amongst people to not hire or not approve or something like that. I’ve never had a discussion with anybody [about Kaepernick],” the Philadelphia Eagles owner told the media Thursday, via ESPN. “It doesn’t work that way. There’s no communication. We’re very competitive against each other, the 32 owners.

“I don’t reveal anything, they don’t reveal anything, and there’s no discussion that ever takes place about any player. In my 23 years in the league, I’ve never heard any discussion of a player like that. You keep it to yourself, you have your own strategy. That’s the way it works.”

Proponents of the theory that Kaepernick sits in NFL purgatory due to his being blackballed point to his national anthem protests and outspoken advocacy on social issues as reasons behind his continued unemployment.

A handful teams, including the Indianapolis Colts, Baltimore Ravens and Miami Dolphins, passed on signing Kaepernick when confronted with concerns at the quarterback position during the preseason. But each time Kaepernick was left out in the cold.

Lurie, when asked if he would sign off on the Eagles signing Kaepernick, did not reveal much, citing there’s no current need for another QB. He also mentioned how the team took a chance by signing Michael Vick in 2009.

“I have no idea,” he replied. “We are completely happy with our quarterback situation. Like every position situation, if that happened we’d have to fully evaluate it. With Michael Vick, there was a complete vetting of: How is he as a teammate? What is his character? What’s his potential? What’s his football intelligence? Can he be a backup, in Michael’s situation, or a third-string in that time period? It’s a whole series of evaluations. That’s how we’d approach any player acquisition. I don’t want to talk about any specific player.”

Regardless of the reasons behind why Kaepernick remains unsigned, until he does land with a team, expect the perpetual conversation about the situation to continue.