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Randy Moss on Hall of Fame prospects: ‘I stand up there with the greats’

Randy Moss’ name will be on the Pro Football Hall of Fame ballot for the first time next February. The question is, will Moss, who carved out quite the legacy, both good and bad, during his 14-year career make it as a first-ballot selection.

To hear it from Moss, while he believes he’s earned it, understands ultimate enshrinement can be an arduous process, especially for wide receivers, for some reason.

“There’s a lot of different avenues we could go down with the Hall of Fame,” Moss said Thursday, via the Star Tribune, during a conference call about his upcoming enshrinement Monday in the Minnesota Vikings Ring of Honor. “The voting, the criteria, all that stuff. All I know is I just played the game to the best of my ability. I put my mark, I put my stamp, I put my family’s name on football, the National Football League. You can’t get any higher.

“And wherever people hold me at or wherever they put me, that’s up to them. I know deep down in my heart, when it’s all said and done I know where I stand. I stand up there with the greats.

“First ballot or not, I understand what it is, man. It’s a political war, and I was one of those guys who didn’t play [politics], nor do I intend to play into politics. So I know what I stood for. I know what the game is. I gave my all to the game, 14 years through the ups and downs, I still gave my commitment to the National Football League. Like it or not.”

Moss is fourth all-time in receiving yards (15,292 yards), fifteenth if receptions (982) and second in receiving touchdowns (156), trailing only the iconic Jerry Rice. Moss, it can be argued, revolutionized the wide receiver position when he took the NFL by storm as an unstoppable Vikings rookie in 1998.

A case can be easily made that Moss is among the greatest wide receivers ever to play in the NFL. That said, Moss may have to wait a year or two. But odds are he’ll make it to Canton sooner rather than later.