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‘NBA 2K18’ reveals updated cover with Kyrie Irving in Celtics uni (pic)

“NBA 2K18” faced a considerable conundrum last month when the blockbuster trade between the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers changed teams for cover athlete Kyrie Irving. The original version of the cover featured Irving in Cavaliers garb, so, um, awkward.

After taking some time to figure how to best approach the issue, the video game series has at last unveiled an updated cover featuring the superstar point guard rocking Celtics gear.

The tweet indicates a version of the game with the updated cover will be released “at a later date.”

When news of the trade originally hit, “NBA2K18” humorously acknowledged how the trade put the them in a precarious position with a Sept. 19 release date looming.

If of course took a bit of last-minute wheeling and dealing to ultimately get the deal done as the Cavs and Celtics brokered a modified deal over concerns about Isaiah Thomas’ still-ailing hip. But the video game was already behind the eight-ball, regardless of when the trade was finalized.

Although had the trade fallen through, perhaps “NBA 2K18” could have proceeded with business as usual. But kudos to the video game for making the best out of an unfortunate situation.