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MLB teams offer to help girl with 3-D printed hand realize her dream

Hailey Dawson, 7, has a goal of throwing out a ceremonial first pitch in every major league ballpark. And her remarkable story and inspirational outlook has MLB teams lining up to help Hailey realize her dream.

Dawson has Poland Syndrome, a rare congenital disease that can cause “abnormalities of the hand, which often involve shortened fingers, partial fusion of the fingers, or both.”

Dawson first garnered attention after throwing out a first pitch at Oriole Park in Camden Yards in 2015 utilizing an Orioles-themed prosthetic hand created by students at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas with a 3-D printer.

She has since thrown out a first pitch at a Washington Nationals game and it has inspired her to even loftier aspirations, as covered in a video from Bleacher Report.

Bleacher Report producer Ashley Hufford has since documented on Twitter how several MLB teams already have responded positively and offered to help Dawson achieve her goal.

Teams that appear to have responded so far are the Milwaukee Brewers, Seattle Mariners, Oakland Athletics, New York Mets, Detroit Tigers, Minnesota Twins, Cincinnati Reds and San Diego Padres, as of Thursday afternoon and noted by Big League Stew.

Given the video was only posted Thursday morning, it’s likely that other big-league teams will follow suit and before we know it, Dawson will have invites from all 30 MLB teams and commitments to guarantee this inspirational little girl has her dream realized.

Fantastic and heartwarming stuff, to be sure.