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Dan Quinn ‘cool’ with Falcons fans still upset over Super Bowl collapse

Atlanta Falcons have endured an offseason of constant ridicule over the team’s inexplicable loss to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI. And being the constant butt of joke after joke spawned by blowing a 28-3 third-quarter lead to lose 34-28 in overtime has to be grating for the Falcons, and perhaps just as much, the team’s fans.

And that’s perhaps why Falcons head coach Dan Quinn says he’s “cool” with how the team’s fans remain understandably bitter over such a heartbreaking and historic loss on the NFL’s biggest stage.

“It’s more for the fans,” Quinn said of the Falcons’ punchline status, via ESPN. “Honestly, I don’t get too far down that line in terms of those kinds of things. For me, I worry about our team. When we came back, I knew there were going to be questions, ‘OK, how much more work do we have to do to talk about last year?’ and I got my answer pretty early in training camp when I saw us go for it in the biggest way. But past that on terms of the fans’ side of things, I love our fans. So for them to get pissed about it, like, that’s cool to me.”

It’s bad enough to lose a Super Bowl in such stunning fashion. To have to hear about it for months has to feel like salt is being rubbed in the Falcons’ collective wounds.

The case can be made, however, the Falcons, from Quinn to quarterback Matt Ryan to general manager Thomas Dimitroff and on down the line have carried themselves with as much dignity as possible in the wake of such a shocking setback.

That doesn’t mean the constant barbs and mockery don’t sting. Quinn, though, says there’s an easy way to handle it.

“I don’t pay too much attention to it,” Quinn said.

Perhaps easier said than done, especially when the digs and taunts are delivered with such ruthless and snarky precision, as has often been the case since February’s Super Bowl implosion. Heck, even TV shows are taking potshots at the Falcons in cold-blooded fashion.