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Roger Goodell, Patriots team up for charity work in Boston (pics)

Roger Goodell generally is considered a persona non grata in the Greater New England region due to his integral role in the Deflategate saga that resulted in the Patriots being punished by the NFL and Tom Brady’s four-game suspension last season.

The NFL commissioner’s tarnished reputation in Boston, though, did not prevent him from engaging in some charitable work in the area this week.

Goodell was spotted on Wednesday working with members of the Patriots organization and the University of Washington performing community service in Brighton, Mass., a Boston suburb. Per an NESN report, the group worked on completing a new home for Bridge Over Troubled Waters, “a non-profit organization which provides services for in-need youth and young adults in the Boston area.”

Goodell later took to Twitter to comment upon the charitable outing.

While it’s all well and good that Goodell entered so-called “enemy territory” to perform admirable community works, odds areĀ  not all is forgiven, at least from the perspective of Patriots fans. After all, look how they treated some of their own simply for posing for a photograph with Goodell.

The commissioner, it warrants mentioning, is in town to kick-off the 2017 NFL season with Thursday night’s New England Patriots-Kansas City Chiefs tilt at Gillette Stadium. It marks the first time in a while Goodell has been to a home Patriot game. And let’s just say there are plans in place to mark the occasion … although there’s no chance Goodell is going to appreciate the gesture. And it’s not something Bill Belichick cares to talk about, either. But that makes sense on several fronts.